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The most exciting part of my work is the abundant interaction with exceptionally talented and driven individuals with great ideas. My aim is to add value by utilizing my experience and assist them with achieving their optimal potential. I am an entrepreneur and experienced VC/PE professional with full investment cycle experience exposure, and over 10 years experience at bulge bracket institutions such as Citi and JP Morgan. I have multi-sector experience with special focus on Autonomous vehicles, AR/VR (Gaming, Mobile Applications, Consumer Devices), FinTech, Blockchain Applications. In a previous life, I have been an AI programmer on a PC-based Real Time Strategy game that has achieved worldwide revenue of over USD 1 billion. Ideally my investments would grow on their own but I am always available to the great bunch of engineers who have just cranked up an awesome algorithm. I bring to the table my product related experience combined with an excellent PE network ideal for unlocking value. I hold an MBA from INSEAD and MS (Cum laude) in Computer Science from Lehigh University.