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The New Age of The Fast & Serious

Written by admin@ciannacapital November 14, 2019 0 comment

Data & AI are the new Oil & Gas. We are experiencing the biggest inflection point in our life time – bigger than the PC, bigger than the cell phone – with trillions of dollars of value being created via disruption.

The past decade and a half was about “cool” service Tech. People have been high on taxi services, food delivery, social media etc. Some people made a big deal of the yearly battles in e-Commerce space – Chinese New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving. Others rejoiced, and got beaten up, for believing that self-destructing videos is money making stuff.

The real war is coming on the front of AI architecture leadership and Data custodianship. Healthcare, logistics, gaming, handhelds and many other sectors will all go through a metamorphosis that may render them unrecognizable within a decade. We need to be the beneficiaries of this change.
“AI & Data will fuel the generation of the next trillion dollars of new value”

The story holds up but we need discipline and great gut feel to farm the hidden gems

As a fund manager, I hear the macro picture scream “opportunity”. The real question is where are the pockets of potentially ginormous growth? Don’t get me wrong – these pockets are ensnared in landmines ready to blow up in the investors’ faces. I believe the key to survival will be differentiated, disciplined, and diversified investing.

I am actively looking for companies that answer “yes” to the following queries,

  • Do you disrupt? (by scale, target group, approach)
  • Are you faster? (in context of medium, material, algorithm)
  • Are you smarter? (via patents, people, network)

With this in mind, we have made our first investment in a company called Rockley Photonics. Rockley is a silicon photonics company that applies an efficient mix of electronics and photonics to generate faster and cheaper than traditional systems. The CEO, Dr. Rickman, is a pioneer of the field with the additional benefit of being an astute businessman – he was Britain’s first Internet Billionaire and has successfully started and exited three businesses since 2000. Initially, Rockley intended to cater to the new generation of mega data centers. While this market is lucrative in itself, they have chanced upon an opportunity to use their patented technology for consumer electronics. Now this could be a game changer. It’s faster, cheaper, scalable, and we are sold.

In the coming months, we will continue to look at investment opportunities in Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Drone Technology, and AI in general. Hopefully we will find some with great ideas and passionate Founders. I will keep you posted on various themes and companies that make sense. Modern day warfare is won via smart alliances and this is the perfect time to pick a side. I like serious, sometimes boring, companies that make things happen faster in the digital world. This is going to be the era of the revenge of the geeks. Let’s back them up.

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