Rockley Photonics was founded in 2013 by a leadership team previously successful with two silicon photonics companies. We are rapidly building an impressive multi-disciplinary team with extraordinary experience in integrated optics, CMOS electronics, software and computer networking. Rockley Photonics represents the commercialization of silicon photonics in its most exciting form to date. We have offices in Pasadena, California; San Jose, California; Oxford, England; and Northern Europe and we are always interested in hearing from talented individuals, so take a look at our careers’ page and please get in touch.


Our passion is silicon photonics. We are expanding the utilization of light in the network by taking it out of the fiber and harnessing the superior characteristics of the photon over the electron for some specific tasks that allow us to drive photonics deeper into areas where electronics presently predominate. By relying on the inherent strengths of each medium, we apply the right mix of optics and electronics to enable high-speed networks to operate faster, more economically and at greater scalability than traditional systems allow. Rockley Photonics helps customers achieve next-generation bandwidth requirements economically by providing more scalable and lower-cost data center networks that keep pace with Moore’s Law and VLSI data processing speeds.


Andrew Rickman




Pasadena (USA), Oxford (UK)

We Invested Because:

Rockley is a great fit for our portfolio as it satisfies our quest for disruption and scale. While Andrew is a highly respected entrepreneur, the technology itself is well protected and commercialized. With highly promising discussions being held on the business and investment fronts, we expect Rockley to have quite eventful two to three years ahead.