Graphite is a technology platform that is powering the future of work. The best talent is going independent, and companies need to tap into this workforce to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. We make it fast, easy and safe for the two sides to connect, work together and get more done. Graphite powers Fortune 500 companies, Investment Firms, and Professional Services firms with on-demand experts.


Graphite's mission is to add expertise and horsepower to your team to accelerate business performance and get more done, faster. Their platform connects you with highly vetted independent consultants for on-demand work. Leading companies leverage the platform to access hard-to-find skills and expertise, add horsepower to their teams and accelerate business performance.


Vikram Ashok, Jason Gordon, Ashwin Krishnan




New York (USA)

We Invested Because:

Graphite is a curated for exceptional quality, on-demand platform to search and hire the world's best independent consultants. Consultants come from bulge bracket banks, top tier consulting firms, reputed industry players. Graphite currently serves high profile clients on mission critical projects at an unbeatable price. Cianna is proud to be part of Graphite's journey towards accelerated growth and operational efficiencies.