Eureka - Unleashing market growth for business through Real-time mobile data and Artificial Intelligence. A smart engine that delivers business changing insights by infusing proprietary AI model with Mobile Operator data and Client data. Significantly and quantitatively lowers customer acquisition costs and increases efficiency of target campaigns.


Eureka's goal is to solve the universal problem of how to reach the right customer with the right offer at the right time using real-time mobile data. Eureka can deliver business changing insights by infusing our own Artificial Intelligence with Mobile Operator Data and your proprietary data, and using it to communicate with potential and existing customers.


Benjamin Soemartopo




Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

We Invested Because:

We like the team profile and the architecture of their well differentiated product. Eureka is solving a major pain point of creating hard to source insights from dense and haphazard data. The resultant products such as credit scores, insurance premium scores, market campaign and advertisement targeting are in high demand with companies globally. This demand is further set to increase as companies shift their focus from growth at any cost to cost efficient, targeted growth. Eureka has a strong moat given its protected IP and data access.